Finding Balance: So Hum Meditation using Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana is an ancient Yogic breathing technique that balances the right and left side of our brain-energetically bringing balance to the sun and moon energy within. Ida and Pingala are 2 major pathways/channels in the body that run along the spine. Ida correlates with moon-cooling-water-yin-feminine-energy whereas pingala correlates with sun-masculine-yang-active-fire- energy. Nadi Shodhana balances the central nervous system, and is a great practice for anyone suffering from anxiety and overwhelm. It helps maintain peace, calm, clarity and inner harmony.

The Practice: 

  1. Use your dominant hand. Start by placing your index and middle finger on your 3rd eye point to stimulate this area. This point corresponds with ajna chakra 6th chakra point used for mental clarity + intuition. In TMC it is known as the Yintang point which is used to calm shen ( mind), calm spirit, insomnia, anxiety, sinus and eye issues as well.
  2. If using your right hand, place your thumb lightly over the right nostril and ring and pinky finger over the left nostril.
  3. Exhale completely, and close your right nostril and breath in through your left nostril filling that whole side with breath. Close the left nostril and exhale right.
  4. Inhale right, exhale left. Then inhale left, exhale right.
  5. Using mantra with nadi shodhana: Inhale SO, Exhale HUM
  6. Extra: You can also visualize as you Inhale SO light entering that side as you breath in. Exhale HUM, and visualize darkness,debris, clutter releasing.
  7. Continue for 5 minutes eventually building up to 20 minutes daily, or as needed.

SO HUM translates as I am That, That I am. Chanting SO HUM helps us focus our minds especially during meditation when the mind tends to wander.  It also connects us with something greater and acknowledging the divine within.

Enjoy this meditation and healing breath work. It’s a great addition to any yoga asana or sadhana practice, and helps balance all 3 doshas🙂

Jenny Ahn
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