Jenny Ahn is an inspiring Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic and Wellness Health Practitioner based in Long Beach, CA.

Services Include: Private Yoga • Ayurvedic Consultation • Postpartum Consultation • Abyangha (Massage) • Henna • Guidance Coach
The power to heal is within all of us.
Nature is a miracle, and we are nothing less than that.

My passion is to share and help re-awaken the knowledge and wisdom that is inherent within your being. Through this process, we become more alive, more self aware, and empowered to make proper choices towards balance and vibrant health!

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Jenny is the best! She’s been my guide to better health for the last couple years.

What sets Jenny apart is her ability to intuitively connect with her clients. It’s uncanny how she’s able to pick up issues I’m having long before I’m even aware of them. Jenny understands how challenging it can be to change old habits and adopt new ones and she is always willing to provide you with as many baby steps as you need.

When I leave my consultation with Jenny, I feel supported, rejuvenated, and inspired to take care of myself and work towards being at my optimum.

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